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Red20RC is a brand new community for Australian aeromodellers who enjoy doing things a little bit differently to the normal. We are passionate about getting people in the air quickly, cheaply and easily.

Inspired by the likes of Flite Test in the USA and its rapidly expanding base of members, we love trying out new ideas.

Let’s be clear from the outset though… although we love Flite Test, we are not trying to be Flite Test. We have neither the time, skills or resources to create an online entertainment show.

Red20RCAs Red20RC grows we are going to focus on things that amuse or interest us. Our mantra is “maximum fun for minimum cost” so the focus is on smaller electric models made from materials like Depron and foam board.
Find out more about our design and build rules on the “About Red20RC” page.

How can you get involved?

Red20RC isn’t about just a few of us building models and posting pictures. We are hoping that you want to get involved too!

This site is open to new user registrations and every user has the ability to post new articles with video and pictures. We’ve done the hard work and setup some categories to get you started. Go to our New User Registration page to get started. We’d love to see what you’ve been working on!

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