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August is the coldest and wettest month of the year and the past few weeks have been no exception. Flying days have been thin but that means a lot has happened in the workshop…

RedTwenty Store Update

GoPro Camera BayI’ve started putting together the RedTwenty store at long last! This has been a bit of a back burner project as there is no point building the store without anything to put in it. As such, most of my effort has gone into actual R&D and product development.

The site is up and running anyway and if you look in the navigation bar you’ll see a link to the “Store”. There will be more announcements once we are getting closer to the launch…

Q450 Quadcopter

By now you will surely have read of the demise of the Q450 Quadcopter.

To be honest, I’m not that sad it’s gone as it never quite lived up to the hype and I have lots of ideas for replacement frames…

R220 Mini H Quad

R220 Mini H QuadWith the design completed and the toolpaths created for the CNC machine, I have started cutting plates for the tiny R220 Mini H Quad.

Unfortunately, with the majority of the hardware for this frame coming in from overseas I have now been waiting for over a month for the standoffs, motors and ESCs to arrive. This isn’t ideal as not only am I getting deliriously over-excited about getting this model airborne but also I have a lot of people interested in buying the frame and I want to be able to get the kits out before they lose interest!

I got bored waiting and had some shorter 30mm standoffs laying around so I built up the first frame to get a sense of how it would look. I’m pretty happy to say the least.

I already have a number of frames cut so if you would like to be included in the first release, get in contact via the usual methods and let me know.

Talon Pro Spider Quad

TALON PRO SPIDER QUADThis one is hot off the press. A couple of days ago some pictures turned up on our Facebook page of a new frame in development.

The frame in question is the Talon Pro Spider Quad and is actually a conversion kit to turn the humble Turnigy Talon Quadcopter from HobbyKing into a long-range FPV/aerial filming beast. With the standard carbon fiber booms the frame can handle up to 12 inch props and the option is there to fit longer booms for even lower kv motors.

Other features of this awesome frame include:

  • Vibration free flight controller mounting plate
  • Acrylic shield to protect the vital components in a hard landing
  • Vented mounting points for the ESCs inside the frame
  • Space for up to a 5000mah 3-cell LiPo inside the frame
  • Pre-configured mounting holes for FPV antenna, telemetry antenna etc.
  • Mounting plate for a suitable front-mount gimbal and separate micro FPV camera
  • Plenty of awesomeness!

I’ve finished drawing the plates and by the time you read this I may well have cut the prototype. I already have the Talon hardware but as before I am still waiting on the correct standoffs to finish the build.

Watch this space...

KFm6 V2 FPV Wing

KFm6V2 FPV WingThis one is a bit of a slow burner.

With plenty of inspiration coming from the likes of FPVTrond on YouTube and the MicroWing and MicroWing UAV projects I have been looking at reviving and improving the original KFm6 wing to make an awesome FPV Wing and possibly even a replacement for the Versa Drone.

The plan is to utilise the new GoPro FPV camera bay and an extended, reinforced gear bay to carry a larger battery, AMP Flight controller, telemetry, OSD etc.

I haven’t had chance to do much fixed wing FPV flying so I’m taking my time with this one and getting it right from the start. Of course full plans and various articles will follow when it has flown.

HobbyKing Buddy Codes

It’s no secret that a lot of components for Red20RC builds come from HobbyKing. I figured it was about time I shared some of the love and gave the readers and members of Red20RC chance to benefit from our shopping cart.

If you look in the sidebar of the site you’ll see a new menu has appeared. This will be updated regularly with links to components that we have bought. If you want to get some for yourself, click the link and get a discounted price courtesy of Red20RC. In doing so you’ll also send a refund our way so do yourself and favor and do one for us as well!

That’s your lot!

It’s been a big month in the Red20RC workshop and I’ve been trying to put out a few more videos and articles as time allows.

The CNC machine has been working overtime and things are starting to build steam with the Red20RC Store so keep coming back to the site to see what is going on.

Until next time, fly safely and happy landings 🙂

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