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September is already upon us and down here in the southern hemisphere we are getting ready for the summer and warmer weather. September is also Drone Racing month so keep watching for details about new frames that will get you, and your heart racing…

Video Updates are here!

Traditionally I’ve shied away from the camera, preferring the long word articles instead. Well no more! In an effort to keep things fresh and more interesting I’m going to try to make more articles and updates that are video based.

Yes, I know the production quality leaves a lot to be desired and I need to work on my delivery – but I’ll get there in the end!


Look out for some exciting new frames coming out this month including:

  • BDX240 – already here!
  • SWH250 “LowPro” – A split deck racing frame based on the popular SWH250
  • Banshee Quad – out of the box thinking in a sleek racing frame
  • Banshee 180 – a scaled down version of the Banshee quad

Fixed Wing

With the SWH pod and new Katana EPP builders wing in the prototype phase, this could be an interesting month for fixed wing products. Keep an eye on the social media channels for more details.

Red20RC Customs

I’ve launched the new custom build service to compliment the CNC and 3D Printing services. Watch the store site for news about new custom builds.

Until next month…

Keep flying hard and have fun. Follow the “Get Good…” project and see if I managed to improve my skills at all with the mini quads…





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