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So 2015 is finally upon us and things are looking up here at Red20RC. Let’s get on then with the first update of the year…

Looking to the past…

What a year 2014 was! I don’t really want to do a massive “Year in Review” article (I did start one but ditched it), but I do want to just highlight some of the things that really stood out for me:

Adventures in FPV

Fat Shark AttitudeSDEven though I got my FatShark Attitude SD goggles way back in November 2013, it wasn’t until well into 2014 that I discovered a passion for FPV.

I’ve been flying both fixed wing and multirotor FPV, but nowhere near enough of each. What I do know though is that it is now nearly impossible for me to head out to the flying field without packing my goggles!

Wicked Wings

Versa Drone2014 was definitely the year of the wing for me. From the first bungee launched Versa Wing I tried out many different ideas. These included the many different FPV wings, all based around the Versa Wing but with my own modifications. In fact, it was my work on the FPV Wing V2 that went on to directly influence the Flite Test Blunt Nose Versa Wing.

It wasn’t just the Versa Wing though. I was also experimenting with KFm airfoils with mixed results. The KFm4 MicroWing and KFm6 Wing went very well but the MicroWing UAV and MicroWing FPV not so well.

Multirotor Madness

Turnigy SK450 Deadcat QuadcopterI can’t really leave 2014 without mentioning the multirotors. These wingless wonders have taken not only Red20RC by storm but seem to have overrun the modelling community.

From humble beginnings with the Turnigy Talon Tricopter and SK450 “Deadcat” quadcopter running KK2.1 flight controllers, I moved on to APM controlled quads for aerial filming and FPV miniquads that I both designed and manufactured in-house.

Multirotors are here to stay. They are changing every aspect of our hobby, not only how we fly but also when, where and why. Expect to see much multirotor madness in 2015!

Red20RC Store

R220_Pro_Iso_1_YOUTUBEOf course, the biggest thing to happen at Red20RC this year was the opening of the Red20RC online store. I bought a CNC machine with the intention of cutting a few components but this soon turned into something more than a pastime as the R220 Mini H Quad found global interest and a small number of orders.

I’m not ready to quit the day-job just yet but with some innovative ideas and increasing number of frames on the site 2015 has the potential to be really interesting.

Looking to the Future…

10012542_931748030176439_109549944_nR450 Spider Quad

There is going to be a few new frames hitting the store in the coming months. The first of these is already there in the R450 Spider Quad – a high performance Spider quad designed around the Tarot 2D GoPro gimbal and commonly available FPV gear.

Test flights with the Naze32 Acro flight controller have been very promising with excellent stability and great handling. Look out for some videos in the near future of this unique CNC cut multirotor.

PM300 FPV Racing Quad

This one has come from notalP, the designer responsible for the PM440 FPV trainer.

I’m really excited about this frame. Designed as a direct competitor for the Blackout B330 the PM300 is lighter, more compact and cut from the finest Taiwan Carbon Fiber. It features full protection for a GoPro style camera as well as plenty of space for your flight and FPV gear.

Watch this space for news of the PM300 release.

2014-12-23 15.26.40-1920

10818104_1585623328341165_1803902203_nVersa Wing Evolution

Things have been progressing slowly with the new FPV Wing but the good news is that it is going well! The plan to pre-form the wing skins to give a smoother surface has worked well and some other evolutions in the design have left me with a set of completed wing panels that have a pleasing, semi-symetrical section to them and strong construction.

The next job is to actually finish them with a coat of paint to give a nice smooth finish before the final assembly and fitting out. Unfortunately that paint procedure needs to be done outside and for that I need a dry warm day WITHOUT the howling gale – something we haven’t had a lot of round here recently.

TBS Caipirinha

This good looking wing has hung on my wall for over a month now waiting for a maiden flight. This week I got that chance and it went just about as well as many other Caipirinha maidens I read about.

After a good throw it appears to have thrown the prop, spun itself into the ground and torn out the motor mount. Fortunately the damage was very minimal and repairs took only a few minutes back in the workshop.

I’m just hoping that I don’t have to wait another month to give it another go!

Until next time…

Right, I’d better be off then as I need to put together a kit of the PM300 for notalP and V2 of the R450 Spider Quad for the product video and construction manual.

Part 1 of The Mini Quad Club review of the R220 Pro is now online so I urge you all to head over there and have a look for yourself! You can get there by clicking HERE.

I’m looking forward to 2015 and I’m glad to have you all along for the ride!



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