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I didn’t think I’d done a lot this month until I sat down to start writing, then I realised what a crazy month January was! Here then is a quick update on everything Red20RC…

Frames, frames and more frames!

January has been dominated for me by developments in the Red20RC store. I’ve completed more custom orders than ever before and brought two new frames into the catalog.

The R220 Mini Quad got it’s latest round of updates with changes to the 5 inch arms (to support 22 size motors), changes to the belly plate (to allow access to screws for easy maintenance) and the addition of a 6 inch arm version.

The PM300 quad was launched. This one by notalP is a personal favourite of mine. If you haven’t seen the videos on the Red20RC YouTube channel then you really should take a look.

I welcomed Skunkworx Hobbies to the Red20RC family just this past week and launched their first frame – the SWH250 only yesterday. I reckon we are going to see big things from this tiny powerhouse of a frame.

10946511_1050639431620255_1825527408_n 10948890_393233634190159_1904556690_n925295_598475996953818_1635818426_n

More CNC for (by) Dummies

10903781_330363123823136_785146463_nThe original series of articles was very well received but so much has changed already since then. I’ve had three big changes in the way I do things with my CNC:

  1. Sheet size and clamping: I realised that it was a daft thing cutting all my blanks down to 250x200mm when my machine could hold 250×400. Why not just cut the larger plates once and save the dust and noise?
  2. Protective films and backing: On my recent shipment the protective film had been poorly applied. I couldn’t use it as an adhesive layer to the sacrifice board so I needed an alternative. Turns out that film you put on your kids schoolbooks is excellent for this job!
  3. Carbon dust is bad: Whilst not as bad as some people think, it still makes a mess! After a brief spell of inventing I machined up a custom made miniature dust shoe for my machine. No more dust in the Red20RC workshop!

I’ll probably write a new article on these changes as they are pretty neat. Watch this space…

MicroWing UAV

10919630_895343963832838_977035106_nRemember the MicroWing UAV? I never did get the project finished and the wing sat in the workshop for a long time gathering dust. Well, last week on a whim I brought it out again and had one last try at getting it to fly autonomously. Turns out I managed to figure the problems and the MicroWing UAV completed a couple of successful waypoint flights at the test field.

A final, conclusive article will follow soon along with some video footage of the flights.

TBS Caipirinha

Lots of drama with the Caipirinha this month. I finally got the motor issues sorted and made some LOS test flights. 10914470_1523795781222894_1937031336_nDespite the constant gale that blows around here I was impressed with the handling and soon pulled the FPV goggles on. Unfortunately I couldn’t seem to get further than about 300 meters before the picture began to break up.

After a few experiments trying to tidy up the power supply to the video equipment I discovered the weak link was the SkyZone 500mw VTx. Once I swapped to a trusty ImmersionRC 600mw unit I had no problems and on the test flight cruised easily past the 1KM mark before turning back.

I’m also using the FrSky LR6 long-range 2.4ghz Rx on this wing so I’ll be interested to push the limits a bit in the future.

Look out for some FPV video from this wing soon.

That’s your lot…

I could go on all night but I really want to go to bed and I need to get this out. We’ve still got another month of summer here but to be honest, if it doesn’t stop blowing a gale soon I might start flying kites.

I’ve moved the R220 from BaseFlight to CleanFlight because I wanted to try Autotune but it says to do it in a clear calm space. I could be waiting a while.

Until next time, fly safely but fly hard…



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