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There’s just so much to do I’m starting to get behind on articles! I’ve decided to do a monthly update so you know at least what I am working on and what might turn up on the site in the coming month…

To fly or not to fly?

Wind!We have been having a beautiful summer here on the Hunter Coast. The sun has shone nearly every day and my kids have made excellent use of the pool. The problem is that our beautiful summer has been accompanied by strong wind. Most mornings start off dead calm but by 8 – 9am (about the time I can get to the field) the wind picks up to anywhere from 10 – 25kts. This is okay if you are flying big heavy models but small parkflyers and multirotors are grounded.

This has meant actually flying the Red20RC fleet has been a frustrating and often impossible task. So, my apologies for a lack of flight videos – I am doing all I can to get out there and get filming!

Foam Board UAV Project

This has seen a huge amount of interest from both here in Australia and overseas. The single project update article has had nearly 1000 views on this site and over 2500 on Flite Test.

Well, I made some adjustments to the model to lighten the AUW and added some down-thrust to the motor. Once again the wind has been playing hell with my plans to do some flying but I did get out this week (in a howling gale – but I got bored). With a bit of tweaking the UAV flew very well. The Park 480 is very over-powered and really 50-60% throttle is the maximum required even at launch. The GoPro was strapped to the nose and I have a lot of raw footage to process.

I did make some observations about the design and flight characteristics, but I’ll save those for the article…

FPV Wing Project

FPV Wing video screenIt was blowing a gale but I finally got to pull on the goggles!

I’m loving this model – the flight characteristics are awesome, the FatSharks are awesome, the GoPro is awesome, it’s all just a bit awesome.

I actually learned some important lessons about lone FPV flying (i.e. don’t do it) during the flight and got plenty of footage on the GoPro.

The video is already up on YouTube and the article will be released shortly after this update.

Talon Tricopter

Talon TricopterAll the gear arrived and I finished getting this model ready for the maiden. It’s certainly been a bit of a learning curve and I’ve bounced off the ground a few times.

I don’t think this is a great first multirotor, but updating the firmware on the KK2.1 to the latest Steveis release has made an extraordinary difference to the flight performance. So much so in fact that I even managed to mount the GoPro and get some on-board footage of my hovering practice (in the howling gale – again).

This model has certainly whetted my appetite for this type of flying and I’m already thinking about some own design quads for the coming months…

Other News…

Blade Nano QX Quadcopter

Blade Nano QXIt’s all the fault of this Flite Test article! Just one look and I was hooked. I had to have one!

The Blade Nano QX is a micro quad (it only weighs 18g) and comes in RTF or, as I got, a BNF version. All you need for BNF is a DSM2 or DSMX radio and you’re good to go – so it was perfect for my HobbyKing OrangeRX transmitter.

All I’ll say at this point (as there may be an article and some video coming) is:

  1. Don’t fly it outside in anything other than perfectly flat calm conditions
  2. Don’t land it on your 4 year-old daughter’s head if she has waist length blonde hair
  3. Don’t try to land it on the neurotic dog
  4. Do prepare yourself for face-ache from all the grinning you’ll be doing!

Flite Test Articles

I have now achieved the status of “trusted author” over at Flite Test, meaning my articles no longer sit in limbo for a month before publishing. I celebrated by pushing through 3 articles in quick succession and in turn this did wonders for this site!

Go over and have a look. There is a lot of good stuff being written by a lot of people. My favourite recently has been this post on PI(D) tuning for multirotors.

Social Media

Did you know that the Red20RC site is not the only place you can catch up on the latest from the Red20RC workshop?

You can also keep up-to-date on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. You can search for “Red20RC” on all of them to find us or click the icons below…

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HobbyKing APM2.5 Clone

APM2.5The cloned APM2.5 Autopilot is now ready to go into a model. After a bit of head-scratching this week I finally got the 3D Robotics clone telemetry working (who knew RX went to TX and vice-versa?!).

I’ve been doing a lot of flying in the simulator to both build hours and try out all the different functions in a safe environment. YouTube and the various forums have played a big part in getting me up and running so watch this space…

Australian Foam Board

I have just ordered a box of foam board from At $8 per sheet of 1015mm x 815mm (40″x 30″) it works out about half the price of a similar sheet from Riot Art & Craft. They seem to think it is suitable for aeromodelling (according to the very defensive email I received from them when I asked about possibly sourcing lighter board), so fingers crossed!

To put the cost into perspective – the Adams foam board from Dollar Tree that FT uses is 30″x 20″. This means that the stuff I have on order is double-size s0 we are now down to $4 per sheet. It’s not quite $1 but it’s a lot better than we’re used to!

Red20RC Site

Just a final note to say that the site is doing really well. We have had a number of new users sign up and visits have passed the 1000 mark for the past month. In addition to this the number of followers and activity on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram is increasing and article views on Flite Test are now approaching the 13000 mark!

Thank you to everyone who has shown an interest in Red20RC – I’ll try to keep the good stuff coming…

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