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With all the excitement that has been going on around Red20RC latey I’d totally forgotten to do my monthly site update. Well, better late than never here it is…


2014-11-28 10.20.16-1920The Crash-E article came out a couple of weeks ago both here and on Flite Test. The response for such a simple model has been awesome and it looks like there will soon be quite a few of them in the skies around the world.

The test flights went very well and the Crash-E performs exactly how I hoped it would. One thing I did learn in the process however is that it’s not a great idea to strap a Mobius camera to the underside of the wing on this one!

Already people are talking about modifications like rudders, undercarriage and LEDs for night flying. I just hope I get to see the pictures and videos.

TBS Caipirinha

10831679_1584405621791263_258306200_nAfter the disappointing performance that was the MicroWing FPV I decided that for my birthday this year I would ask for a small commercial wing to see how it compared to my efforts.

The frame I settled on was the Team Back-Sheep Caipirinha. Whilst not the cheapest small wing on the market it was cheaper than similar wings. I could have gone for something like a Tek Sumo or PopWing but these are not specifically designed for FPV, whereas the Caipirinha is better designed out of the box.

It all went together really well and I have gone with the recommended 2S setup. I’m also trying out the tiny Skyzone 500mw video transmitter and GOSD-3.

I’ve yet to do the maiden so keep an eye out for the first video and a review article coming soon.

Versa Wing Evolution

10831957_365076840320363_148174121_nWith the focus on multirotors recently I’ve missed flying my wings. The old Versa Wing and Versa Drone were getting a bit long in the tooth and after “borrowing” the odd bit of gear from them over the months there was a bit of damage on both.

As a result I decided to build another Versa Wing for FPV, but this time I’m doing it a little bit different.

I’m going to significantly increase the number of creases in the wing skins to give a smoother surface. I’ll also be adding a curve to the bottom skin as well. The intention is to create a semi-symetrical section similar to the MH64 used in the Zephyr II.

The wing will be built specifically for FPV and will feature my own GoPro bay as well as OSD and APM autopilot for stabilization and failsafe options.

Red20RC Custom Builds

Things have been getting interesting over at the Red20RC store. A number of clients have been in touch to discuss custom build projects. These have included a stretched version of the R220 for 6 inch props, a 300 size GoPro carrying miniquad, a QAV250 style miniquad, and a simple single plate 250mm quad with full clean/dirty separation.

I’ve also started looking at some larger quads as well with discussions around folding designs for aerial photography and an extended version of the R630.

With more components and plate material arriving all the time I’m enjoying the challenge of bringing other pilot’s visions to life. What would you like to build?

2014-12-05 15.03.45-1920

Until next time…

So, that’s your lot! I hope Santa Claus is kind to you this year. To be honest I’ve asked him for a Scooter so I can chase the kids around the park easier!

Fingers crossed for some good weather (and some free time) as I have lot of FPV flying I want to do and videos to get out to promote Red20RC products…

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