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I haven’t done an update for a while because things have just been too hectic here at Red20RC. Things are changing fast and it’s pretty much all for the better…

Busy busy busy…

10950502_797365106996808_1127088507_nFebruary and March were the busiest months yet over at the Red20RC store. All three of the mini quad frames sold well to the point where I actually ran out of matte carbon fiber (due to me misjudging the length of the Chinese New Year holiday).

April is already looking good with a couple of custom builds under my belt and some new services coming online…

3D Printing is here at last!

927414_1569332193308237_2109752531_nThe start of the year was so good in fact that I finally managed to put enough aside to purchase a 3D printer for the Red20RC workshop.

After what seemed like an extremely long wait (Chinese New Year again) I took delivery of a Flashforge Dreamer. This state-of-the-art dual extruder printer looks more like a toaster oven than a printer but with a heated print bed and high volume print capacity the possibilities are endless…

…Or at least they would be if I didn’t manage to break one of the nozzles within 24 hours of getting it! The printer has now been down in Sydney for the past two weeks and should return just after the Easter break. It’s a steep learning curve but watch out for more information soon.

Gripes and Grumbles

dollar-sign-image1I’m going to sandwich the only downer of the month in between all the good stuff!

I’ve been getting a number of comments and complaints about the Red20RC store operating in US dollars to the point where one person actually claimed on RC Groups that I was using the currency conversion to con money out of people on shipping.

I released an article on the store last night that explains why I use US dollars and hopefully that will be the end of it. But please be reassured that I’m not actually in this for the money, I do it for fun. I have never and will never try to use Red20RC as a way to con people out of money!

You can read the full article here…

The return of the Wing

11055534_518292704966311_61616606_nThis month the focus shifts away from multi rotors. There are so many people releasing so many different frames at the moment – all mini quads, some good, some bad – that it seems as though the market is reaching saturation point. It was only a few weeks ago that I noticed something strange happening in my Instagram feed…

More and more people were posting images and video clips filmed using FPV wings!

Not only that but it isn’t just high-altitude cruising. Some of these wings are hitting gaps as fast and narrow as anything us mere mortals would try with our quads.

There are a few nice ready made wings out there with Team Legit, SweepwingsRC and Happy Flyers all releasing high performance molded wings. But just as popular are the scratch-built wings like the “sawn off” blunt-nose Versa Wing shown here.

This particular wing was built by Adam D at Skunkworx Hobbies and the proof of performance is in the proximity flying videos he is putting on YouTube.

Of course I tried my hand at this myself some time ago with the MicroWing, MicroWing UAV and the TBS Caipirinha. Sadly it seems my choice of airframe has been constantly poor and I’ve yet to achieve a FPV flight performance that I am comfortable with (yes, even the TBS ship sucked).

HobbyKing Tek-Sumo and Bonsai wings

Okay, so some people just don’t have the skills or don’t like scratch building. They want to start with an airframe they know is going to fly and go from there. Putting FPV gear on either the Tek-Sumo or Bonsai EPP flying wings is nothing new. In fact some might say they were the original FPV proximity wing.


I’ve ordered one of each this week so that I can see just how easily and cheaply you can get one of these wings FPV ready and into the air. I also want to see if it is feasible to create a range of products that will make mounting FPV gear, cameras etc. on these wings easier and safer.

Watch this space for more details…

Yet another KFm6 wing build

11078025_1067074066642914_1604827317_nAfter starting another Versa Wing build and then seeing my eldest and her friend stand on the wing panels I decided to have another crack at a KFm6 wing. The first flew really well but for some reason I never got around to fitting the FPV gear to it and seeing how it performed.

This wing is 1200mm span and I am not trying to keep it light! I need something that will put up a fight in the blustery winds we get for most of the year here in Australia. I’ve increased the wing area, added a spar in the center layer and opted for proper metal geared wing servos, a Park 480 motor and minimum 3300mah 3S pack.

I’ve also resurrected some of my CNC cut components with G10 control horns, FPV GoPro bay and a custom designed motor mount all finding their way onto the wing.

To add a bit of strength and durability I’ve also tried tape covering for the first time. This has worked very well although I only discovered when I put it all together that I seem to have built a wing with an Aboriginal inspired color scheme!

Keep an eye out for a full article, plans and hopefully some FPV video in the near future…


That’s it for now!

Well, it is high time I got going and did something productive before I fall asleep. Thank you for all your continued support. I’ve now passed the 1000 followers milestone on Instagram and between this site and the store I am getting over 10,000 visitors a month dropping in.

Keep watching for more FPV wing action. Don’t worry though, the multirotors haven’t gone away and I’m continuing to practice my flying with the R220 and PM300 so we can refine the design and release more new features.

Until next time…



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