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I’m useless at flying mini quads. Project “Get good at flying mini quads” is my way of try to improve my skills whilst helping others to learn along the way.

Part 3 – Frame Selection

Frame selection is a very personal subject. With so much choice out there at the moment almost every requirement is catered for. In this video I will try to explain why I fly the frames I do and some of the common features that make them perfect for racing and close proximity flying.

Keep It Simple Stupid!

20150911_145149_HDR~2The most important thing for me with my frames is simplicity. I am very good at crashing them into things and whilst the carbon rarely gets damaged it is not uncommon for me to shred an antenna and break a prop. All these things can be easily replaced or repaired but when a frame get complicated – say with a build in PDB or complex folding arm structure – repairs become both time-consuming and costly.

All of the frames I am currently flying have this same principle in mind and share the same common features:

  • fixed plate arms that can be easily removed and replaced
  • ESCs mounted out on the arms for easy access and exposure to airflow
  • simple mini PDB stacked under the flight controller, with or without BEC built in

Whilst I am keen to try things like the micro Minim OSD and other cool new components I don’t really see the necessity of these things on a racing quad that will be airborne for 3 or 4 minutes (hopefully) and never more than a couple of hundred meters away. As I said in the video, I have been experimenting with the Naze32 softserial telemetry ports so I can have battery voltage relayed to my Taranis.

Useful Resources

multigp-logoI mention MultiGP in the video as my source of information for racing classes. You can learn more about that HERE.

Red20RC Frames

The following Red20RC frames are mentioned in the video. You can learn more about them using the links below:

*at the time of writing the R220 Evo has not been released. It should be available by the end of September 2015.


As I said at the start, frame selection is a matter of personal taste and requirement. I’m not about to tell you to go out and buy a Red20RC frame, just think about what you want to achieve with your flying and what features are important to you and what is only going to add extra layers of complexity and cost when the inevitable crashes occur.



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