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I’m useless at flying mini quads. Project “Get Good…” is my way of try to improve my skills whilst helping others to learn along the way.

Part 2 – Flying Style

This may well be the most important part of the entire project as it will determine everything that follows: Frame selection, power setup, flight controller settings, prop choices etc. Although it doesn’t require me to spend any time in front of the camera, this will still be a video heavy article. So sit back, relax and enjoy…

So, this is where I’m at…

This was flown at the start of 2015 using the R220 on a 3S setup. As you can tell from the music I thought I was really going for it at the time.

Now watch this…

…and this…

Obviously what I wasn’t doing was “really going for it“!

There is no denying the skills of pilots like Metal Danny and Boris B. To have reactions half as fast as those would be a gift and maybe only a few of us can ever get that good.

Problem is though, this is not the sort of flying I am aspiring too. Certainly not from a video point of view anyway. The phrase I keep hearing alongside these videos is “Ripping Balls“. I’m kind of hoping it has something to do with anti-vibration mounting and G-forces but it just sounds a bit uncomfortable!

There’s another word I’ve heard used and I like it. The word is “FLOW”.

Here is an example of a flowing style…

To be honest, I like anything by Skitzo. His flying is smooth and controlled yet edgy enough to keep you interested. His visuals and the way he colors his videos is just amazing.

If I want to fly like anyone then, I want to fly like Skitzo.

So are there others doing something similar or is Skitzo just an anomaly? Well no, there are other pilots out there who are working the flow with some great results. Here’s a little project from another personal favorite of mine – mOke:

Decision made!

So now I have a goal in mind. I want to fly with “flow” rather than aggression. Aggressive flying will come into play when racing but even then my thoughts are that a good flowing style – transferring the energy in the turns – will win out against simply banging the sticks as hard as I can in all directions (which is what I currently do).

That’s quite enough for one article but I might revisit this in future and break down some of Skitzo’s moves to work out what makes them just so special.

Until next time then…



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