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Last time we got the Katana all finished up and ready for a maiden flight. The first attempt I formatted the memory card in the GoPro by mistake and lost the footage. The second attempt I managed to smudge the lens and the footage was unusable. With the wind blowing hard it was just peachy for a third attempt…

Am I happy?

Yeah, I reckon I am! It flew okay despite the conditions. It’s always windy here after about 9am so the fact it can handle a bit of wind is a big plus. The KFm2 section performs nicely, only exhibiting the usual steep glide slope. The little Emax motor and 10A ESC gave plenty of grunt on 3S and a 1000mah Nanotech was good for 6-8 minutes of hard flying.

This certainly isn’t an indoor model, but then it was never meant to be. It will certainly see a few more flights and has whetted my appetite for some more line-of-sight aerobatics.

Would I change anything?

Using a scale outline has pros and cons. On the plus side, it was very easy to draw the plans for the model and I could be fairly sure everything was in the right place and the right size. On the downside, the scale profile means there is much less vertical surface area for things like knife-edge flight.

If I was going to build another I may be tempted to experiment with a more “cartoon scale” appearance and increase all the surface areas.

You’re going to ask me about plans now aren’t you…?

The good news is I have some! Use the links below to download the various files from this project. I’ve included some full-size PDF plans, the original Sketchup file, and the STL files for the printed items.

Katana S Foamy – full plan (PDF)

Katana S Foamy – SKP file (ZIP)

Katana S Foamy – Prints (ZIP)

Let me know if you build one and what you think could be improved, but mostly HAVE FUN!




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