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With all the excitement that has been going on with the Red20RC Store I almost forgot to do the October update. Anyway, here goes with the roundup…

Red20RC Store

red20rc-storeSo, the Red20RC store launchedĀ  during September and it has been a bittersweet experience. The feedback through the social media channels suggested that I would struggle to keep up with demand once the products went live but the reality has been a little more boring than that. A number of the R220 miniquad frames have sold and I released the pure carbon “Pro” version based on feedback from the marketplace.

I’m now working on some other ideas for the store that might bring something interesting to the market. Watch this space!

MicroWing FPV

2014-09-25-01.41I was really excited about this project. The MicroWing is a fantastic little wing and the MicroWing UAV has been a good experience. The MicroWing FPV was going to build on these projects with a small KFm6 wing that would carry full FPV gear, a large battery and fly low, fast and smooth.

Unfortunately, what actually happened was it left my hand like a rocket and was totally uncontrollable for around 3 seconds before it planted itself into some long grass. This happened on several attempts over two days with different motors and props šŸ™

The diagnosis is that, at almost 900g, the weight of the airframe is exceeding what the symmetrical KFm6 wing section can handle. This isn’t a dig at the KFm section, it is still a winner. It’s just every design has its limits and this one crossed the line.

I still have great hopes for the concept and am working on some alternative designs to see if I can get this one airborne. It’s a pity it didn’t work ‘coz it looked cool!

Turnigy S500

2014-09-04-15.32.55This is the frame that has replaced the Q450. I’ve been playing around with it as time allows and am really impressed with what I am finding. The S500 is a very nice frame – well built and well thought out. Even though it doesn’t have a power distribution plate built into it, it was actually neater and easier to setup than the Q450.

The rail mount system underneath the frame is perfect for both battery and gimbal mounting. I have been able to hang the Tarot 2D gimbal perfectly and then move the battery mounting plate to accommodate a 5000mah LiPo and balance the CG.

The S500 is nice and stable in the air and I am currently playing with GPS waypoint navigation on the HK Pilot Mega 2.7.

I’ll be writing a full article once I have the frame totally tuned and some decent flight footage in the bag.

Stepping in front of the camera…

In order to promote the store and bring a little more “life” to the Red20RC YouTube channel I’ve taken the brave(?) decision to step in front of the camera for my most recent videos.

I’m not as well known as Bruce from RC Model Reviews, I’m not as good looking as Dave “RC SuperPowers”, and I’m definitely not trying to be either of the Josh’s! Videos are filmed using my trusty GoPro and production values are just about zero but I’m going to give it a good go. Take a look at my first attempt with the 440 FPV Quad and let me know what you think…

Red20RC Site Activity

The site, along with my social media channels, has seen another jump in readership and subscription over the past month. has recorded 4300 hits in the rolling month, up 25% on previous months. When combined with the nearly 1200 visits the Red20RC store has received in the first couple of weeks this makes me pretty happy!

My Instagram channel now has over 350 followers, 236 on Twitter (double that if you include Remote Pilot), 157 on YouTube, and 299 “Likes” on Facebook.

I’m obviously doing something right! Please do let me know though if you want to see something different…

That’s your lot for this month! Keep visiting the site for new projects, new ideas and maybe even some new products in the store…

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