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I really need to test the new shipment of foam board from but rather than just throw something together I thought I would ask Red20RC readers what I should build!

There is still a large number of Flite Test models that I haven’t built so it will probably be one of those. However you might want to see something totally different! You can cast your vote using the poll widget in the sidebar, but please feel free to leave a comment below if you want to see something totally different.

Here then are the contenders for what our next project should be…

FT Spitfire

Designed by David Windestal, the FT Spitfire is a semi-scale model of the classic WWII British fighter. It features an ingenious open tipped wing that prevents tip stalling and curved poster-board decking.


Designed by Josh Bixler, the FT3D was tweaked by Arron Bates to become a full-on foam board 3D flyer. With thick wings and chunky chunky fuselage this promises to be an awesome flyer.

F22 Raptor

Designed by Chad Kapper and Josh Bixler, the F22 Raptor is an updated version of the original prop in slot design. A superb flyer at all speeds this is the ultimate jet-on-a-budget.

FT Viggen

Designed by David Windestal, the FT Viggen is the first of the new “Super Series”. Sporting an EDF, straight pusher or vectored thrust set up this is a versatile and awesome flyer.

Something Else?

Maybe you don’t want to see us build a Flite Test model! Maybe you’d like a new UAV, or a custom built wing. Maybe you want to see a WWII bomber or something completely out-of-the-box.

Whatever your idea is, put a comment below and I’ll see what I can do!

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