• The 27 inch flies fine. Very fast and agile. I am working on a second build of this Nanowing V2. I have 2 new MG servos and a better VTX set up. I’ll use the Emax 2205×2300 KV motor 545 prop, 1300 3 cell and 1300 […]

  • Mike,

    I enjoy swimming in your site. Ah, here is something I can attest to. Instead of the bunny ears, what I ave found that works the best for wing stablezation is wing tip fins 2/3 above and 1/3 below wing […]

  • Mike,

    Hey, I enlarged the 600 mm Nano Wing 2 plan file to a 27 inch one. I printed it tiled and taped it, cut it out, measured it, it’s great and now am going to get some dollar store foam sheets and build a few to practice with. This is Nacho Wing. It’s mine, too.



    P.s. I tried to send you $20 but the effort failed.

  • For the 2017 race season, I want to help promote race venues and pilots in Northern California in order to create more interest in fpv flying. Also build a 27 inch wing for the small class of flying wings. Have Fun, Willie

  • Where is the link for the fpv pod and motor mount that shows the pieces of each for assembly? I want to make them from plywood.

    Thank You,

    Willie B