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Another month has passed us by and it has been a mixed bag of modelling for Red20RC. Time for a quick update and to make some plans for the month ahead…

Site Activity

For a moment there a couple of weeks back we hit over 2000 visitors on the rolling month analytics. This was due to increased activity around the FPV Wing V2 and the Foam Board UAV articles. Unfortunately, house guests and illness have slowed me down quite a bit and the numbers have tailed off somewhat.

March will see an increase in activity once more and some new articles over at Flite Test that will hopefully draw some interest.

Australian Foam Board

voteI still have a whole box of foam board from that is weighing down my bench. I turned over the job of deciding what to do with it to my readers and the poll has supplied me with a new challenge.

To be honest I’d expected the Viggen to win hands down so it was a nice surprise to see the Spitfire up there. I was actually hoping the Viggen wouldn’t win as I don’t have a suitable size EDF sitting around! There are a couple of other reasons why I will tackle the FT Spitfire first…

  1. The Viggen is an advanced model and I wanted to do something a little more accessible for this test.
  2. I really wanted to build the Spitfire!

I may well tackle the Viggen later on and there are also plenty of plans for “Something New” as well. Watch this space…

Multirotor Madness!

I’m really enjoying playing around with multirotors at the moment. In fact the multirotor component of the Red20RC fleet has expanded a little (as my Instagram followers would have seen).

Blade Nano QX

I’m loving flying this one around the house, even if it does drive the dog insane! I’m getting a lot better at flying it as well although I am going to be needing a new batch of props really soon.

Turnigy Talon Tricopter

I just couldn’t leave it on the back-burner for long. Now fitted out with a new tail setup with upgraded thrust bearings and stronger (but cheaper) servo, I’ve been trying it out again.

Things are going well although I have had some issues with the KK2.1 that is fitted currently. There appears to be some problem in the gyros or accelerometers as it flies okay until a gust of wind hits and then over-corrects itself into the ground (even with very low gain settings). I’ve got a new KK2.1 sat on my desk ready to go so hopefully we’ll have a definitive answer soon.

SK450 Deadcat QuadTurnigy SK450 “Deadcat” Quadcopter

I just love deadcat quads so the option of building a SK450 with the conversion was too good to pass up. Easy to build, easy to fly, I’m in love!

This one now has my Immersion RC 600mw TX fitted along with the GoPro and has already been flown briefly in FPV mode. The only difficult bit with these awesome quads is getting the mixer right on the KK2.1 for the offset arms.

Look out for a full review and flight videos on this one coming soon.

What next?

I’ve got a fancy for trying out a gimbal for some super-smooth aerial videography. Although the SK450 would probably take a spider-mount gimbal (a bit like a TBS Discovery) I am thinking I would like to do a full-on hex. I don’t really want to do anything heavy-lift as I can’t afford a Canon 5D anyway, but I am thinking a 550 hex with APM autopilot and under-slung GoPro gimbal might be a nice project…

UAV updates

I’ve now begun to build Remote Pilot and as part of it, thoughts are turning towards UAVs and the potential they bring.

Delays this month have meant the APM2.5 still hasn’t made it into a model although I’ve been doing lots of testing of GPS functionality and both the laptop and Google Nexus 7. I also used the delay to source proper APM, Telemetry and GPS cases to keep everything safe.

Watch this space as I will be trying to do flying field testing over the coming weeks. Also, the FPV Wing will undergo further evolution as we try to develop the ultimate “disposable drone”.

Thank you again for all the support and comments both here and on our other channels. This is an awesome hobby and I’m enjoying sharing it with the community…

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