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Are you partial to the odd sausage sizzle? Looking for a unique way to recycle those foam sausage trays? A friend of mine may just have found the answer…

I knew that Andrew was building a KFm6 Wing from the plans that I had published here on Red20RC a few weeks ago. It struck me that he did seem to be taking an extraordinarily long time for such a simple design, especially given his awesome skills at the workbench.

Then I got this email:

After many many many hours of building (when you see it you’ll see why) I finally have it finished.

Tomorrow’s weather looks good. I’ll… be at the club… if you want to see it.

With that I was intrigued so I set off the next morning to see what he had been working on, interested to see how someone else had interpreted my design.


The thing was a beast! Somehow meaner and heavier looking than my original and made from a patchwork of black foam.

“Guess what the material is?” Andrew asked me with a grin.

I had a poke and a think. I knew he likes building with Depron but why the Frankenstein style stitch marks all over the airframe. I shrugged my shoulders, “some kind of Depron?”


I can’t remember but I think I was speechless. I have to admit that my first though was ‘gee, that will smell in the sun‘. Of course the sausage trays had been cleaned before use – but they did come from genuine Coles finest sausages!

Here’s a few build photos with notes from the man himself…


Each part is made from two layers. Many many hours of work to get to this stage.


Laying them out, the manufacturer impression molding is on the inside.


111 trays in total. That’s 888 sausages!

But does this Sausage Tray KFm6 Wing fly?

Of course it does!

Andrew is using a high KV motor at the moment with a small prop. The speed change at different throttle settings is impressive. We had a few hiccups at first with the balance point but once that was sorted this KFm6 Wing performed really well in the air.

Andrew tells me his goal is to switch to a lower KV motor and folding prop so he can cruise around with FPV gear on board. I think it will be great to do some air-to-air filming in the future.

So there you go. A bit of inspiration for those of you who like something that is out of the ordinary!


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