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We’ve been enjoying a remarkably pleasant Autumn in this part of the world this year. That has meant an increase in flying time but not quite as much time for building and writing! Here then is our June update on what is coming up on Red20RC (and Remote Pilot)…

How is Red20RC doing?

red20_mark_200.fw.pngRed20RCSince Red20RC was launched in late October 2013 I have seen a steady increase in activity and interest in the site. The first month was spent creating the site and setting up social media accounts so this is really a “Red20RC – the first six months” report:

  • We have had over 12,000 hits on the main site, with around 70% of these new and unique visitors.
  • Over 56,000 page views
  • The most visit ever in a 24 hour period was 223 visits on April 14, 2014. That was the day after the Blunt Nose Versa Wing article was posted.

Red20RC on YouTube

  • My 18 published articles have been read 69,949 times
  • I have an “influence rating” of 79%
  • The most read article is “Small UAV Design” (7,472 views)
  • The highest rated article is “LiPo Safety” (4.88/5 stars)

Advertising with Red20RC

Basically, I’m pretty chuffed with how Red20RC has grown over the past 6 months. I never expected that something created for a bit of fun would grow to be such a highly regarded and widely enjoyed site.

I never created Red20RC with the intention of making it into a business but I am always happy to talk to like-minded individuals and companies about carrying limited and appropriate advertising on the site. Whilst we are still not massive, we do enjoy over 3000 visitors per month who are focused on finding interesting or entertaining RC related content when they come here.

Also, if any established or start-up RC businesses would like some exposure on this site through one of our articles, I would be happy to discuss beta-testing or reviewing new products.

Remote Pilot

fpv-wing-iconRemote Pilot has now launched a limited site and service over at We have also secured a number of other domains around this business to ensure maximum exposure. This has been helped along by CASA changing the title of our professional platforms from UAV to RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft). Any domain with “Remote Pilot” in it will soon be quite popular I hope!

We have already posted a number of more serious articles over there so if you are interested in the professional side of miniature aviation then I invite you to head over and take a look.

There are exciting times ahead for Remote Pilot and a number of our new projects will be posted through this channel…

MicroWing UAV/FPV


Much to my surprise, the MicroWing has been a huge success. I have had reports of many builds happening out there and people really enjoying the simplicity of the model.

This has made me wonder just how far I can push the original design and what it is capable of…

As a result I will be working on two new versions:

MicroWing FPV – will be a high-speed, aerobatic, Mobius carrying FPV platform. Think miniature quad racing with planes and you are on the right track.

MicroWing UAV – will be a fully featured, camera carrying drone capable of autonomous flight. It will use the new HKPilot Mini APM board for GPS controlled waypoint missions. This will be a Remote Pilot project.

Q450 Camera Platform

Q450 MultirotorI’ll let you have a sneak peak at something I have been working on this week in the workshop. The Q450 quadcopter camera platform is the same size as many commercial buy-and-fly multirotors such as the DJI Phantom, Flamewheel, Walkera QRX, Quanum Nova etc.

I chose it because it will fit perfectly within the new CASA 2KG weight class which, when it comes into effect, will allow this platform to be used for commercial purposes without needing a UAV operators license.

Sporting the HK Pilot APM autopilot/flight controller, Tarot 2D brushless gimbal, and space for up to 4000mah of battery capacity – this is going to be one awesome machine.

Blunt Nose Versa Wing

BN Versa Wing and Versa DroneNot really new news! The BN Versa Wing continues to prove itself an awesome FPV ship. Flying FPV with this model is an incredibly relaxing experience and I continue to take it to the field just as often as I get chance.

In the next month or two I am hoping to expand my FPV equipment by adding a full ground station and tripod mounted diversity receiver system. I also now have the UHF OpenLRS system set up and working although currently I have no desire to risk the future of Red20RC or Remote Pilot by performing any illegal long-range flight tests.

Versa Drone

The Versa Drone has been an enjoyable but often frustrating experience but I am pleased to report that this modified BN Versa Wing has now made a number of fully autonomous flights.

We finally have a good amount of video a still images in the can so I will be putting together a build article over the next few weeks that will appear on both Red20RC and Remote Pilot.

That’s it!

That’s your lot for this month. Things are getting serious with Remote Pilot launching but I hope to still be having a lot of fun whilst doing it. The winter months will inevitably bring more build projects and we wait to see what the weather will bring.

It if does get windy there is always that 3 meter power kite in the workshop I haven’t tried yet…

I’ll leave you with this shot of my local flying field taken by the Versa Drone during one of its test flights. Not bad for the lowest spec GoPro strapped to a foam board flying wing…


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