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The real world has got in the way this month but there have still been some exciting projects here at Red20RC and Remote Pilot. So what is in the pipeline for July?

A New Look for Remote Pilot

Remote Pilot has always been a project on the back burner. I’ve let the idea grow organically and the visits and comments on the new website are building slowly. This month I decided that Remote Pilot needed a fresh new look so that it could compete in the growing world of Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems.

I used Logo Tournament to source some interesting designs and after ten days and nearly 100 entries I finally selected the winner – with the help of my Facebook followers.



Over the next few weeks I am going to start an overhaul of the site to bring more information about our services and mission online.

MicroWing UAV

MicroWing UAVWork has now started on the MicroWing UAV. All the flight control systems are ready to go and have tested okay. I am now in the process of cutting the wing and putting the airframe together.

Keep watching the Remote Pilot site for more information as well as some exciting news about our new Android camera application for mapping and aerial surveying.

I will say in advance that the MicroWing UAV project is my first fully commercial venture as part of Remote Pilot so there probably won’t be free plans for this one at this stage.

FPV250 Rebooted

Only last week I posted an article about my new FPV250 micro quadcopter build. This QAV250 clone from HobbyKing went well but was suffering some obvious problems with the power setup.

Well now I have received all the upgrade components and the FPV250 has undergone a complete rebuild. This was a very neat build and the results are pretty awesome. I’ve done a bit of flying but there is still a lot to learn.

Watch this space for the “Reboot” article, coming soon…


HKPilot 2.7 Autopilot

56052sHave you been wondering why the HKPilot 2.5 has been on backorder at HobbyKing for months now? Turns out they have been working on the next generation of APM based controller, which has just been released as the HKPilot 2.7.

No complete package deal on this one yet but the components are all there including the new Ublox Neo-7M GPS with external compass and V2 telemetry radio.

I’ve been considering replacing the ailing flight controller on the Q450 camera platform and already have one on the way to the Red20RC workshop.

Visit HobbyKing for more details.

Red20RC Custom Components

cnc-routerWe have had an exciting opportunity this month to acquire a CNC Router. This amazing piece of machinery will add a fantastic new capability to the Red20RC/Remote Pilot workshop. With a 400mm x 300mm cutting bed we will have the capacity to cut a whole range of components for multirotor and fixed wing aircraft. Expect to see prototypes soon of camera bays, motor mounts, control horns and multirotor frames.

This is an exciting new adventure for Red20RC and we hope to be able to bring some quality items to the Australian hobby and RPAS market very soon.

Red20RC on Instagram

Do you want to keep at the pointy end of everything that is happening at Red20RC and Remote Pilot?

The Red20RC Instagram account is updated on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis with the latest photos of what is being built, repaired, upgraded and flown from the workshop.

Find us online at and follow us for all the latest news and images.

That’s all for now!

That’s your lot for this month! Keep your eye on the site, and on Instagram, for the latest articles and news.

We’re heading into the coldest part of winter now and a lack of central heating is making nights in the workshop very chilly indeed! Keep those fingers warm by getting yourself a micro racing quad and practice your proximity flying round the house…

Red20RC Workshop

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