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I’ve been wanting to do some more traditional line-of-sight flying recently and the HobbyKing Prime Jet Pro looked like a fun little model to try…

Just Glue ‘n Go!

With a price tag of only AU$25 the Prime Jet Pro is a nicely complete kit. The panels are not foam board as originally advertised, but a type of printed Depron foam. The colours are nice and bold and the cut-outs and tabs are accurate. Foam-safe CA, epoxy and hot glue are the adhesives of choice for this type of material (I used hot glue mainly on mine). The inclusion of preformed pushrods and linkage stoppers are a welcome inclusion as many new (or miniquad) pilots won’t have this sort of thing in the spares box yet.

Leftover miniquad gear works well in this little jet. I used a 2206/2300kv motor and 5x4x3 prop. I did use a spare Turnigy Plush 18A ESC, simply because it had the BEC – you’ll need to use a separate BEC though for the servos/receiver if using an OPTO quad ESC. Receiver was an old D4r-II and I used the common Hextronic 5g servos on the elevons.


Building notes

There were a couple of little things I found during the build that might help someone else:

  • The fuselage sides are in one piece but if you build the model as per the instructions it is impossible to fit the wing! I found I had to build the fuselage and then cut it down the sides to fit it onto the wing panels.
  • The hinges on the elevons are very weak. The Depron cracked easily during the first flight and this could be disastrous if missed. Tape doesn’t stick well to Depron so I glued some plastic film over the top of the hinges to strengthen them.



I had to move the CG back after the first launch but the video show the first full maiden flight. There was plenty of power on my setup with a 1000mah 3S Nanotech LiPo. The instructions recommend a 2200 3S but you will need to use a much larger motor to balance that out and it would make the model very heavy.

The CG is not mentioned anywhere in the instructions. I found 10-15mm in front of the spar is a good spot to start.

The model was horribly out of trim after the first launch but that could have been the cracked hinges or strong breeze that was blowing. After putting in a lot of clicks though I found the Prime Jet Pro to be a pocket rocket! Most fun is had making long sweeping runs along the field, then climbing out into a wide banking turn or reversal – just like a “real” jet. Slow speed flight is nice and stable (especially with my light setup) and the landing was really simple.

Whilst not a first model by any means, the Prime Jet Pro is a great introduction to fast jet-type models. Don’t expect it to last forever (Depron never does), so don’t be afraid to practice those low speed runs with confidence!

You can buy the HobbyKing Prime Jet Pro HERE (affiliate link)

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