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Last time I built the Blunt Nose Versa Wing and modified it. Find out what happened when I pulled on the goggles for a maiden FPV flight…

Let’s get straight to the video then!

So what do I think?

To be brutally honest, this is probably THE most PERFECT airframe I have ever flown – especially for FPV. The blunt nose versa wing is an awesome design. It is a nice manageable size but big enough to be stable and easy to fly.

It had a great range of speed with an excellent glide ratio. Turns were nice and smooth and, whether it was the oversized vertical stabilisers or not, there was no instability in yaw.

I seem to have stumbled upon the perfect power setup for this model with the Park 450, 10×4 folding prop and 3600mah. There was more than enough power for vertical performance but after 20 minutes of relaxed FPV cruising I had only taken 1400mah out of the battery. This is a fantastic result and makes 45 minute flights a reality for the future.


I’m actually glad I destroyed the V2 Wing now. I’m also glad the Flite Test chaps took my and others work and created the Blunt Nose Versa Wing.

If you are looking for a mid-size flying wing for starting out in FPV or long range cruising with the goggles on then you could do a lot worse than downloading the plans, getting yourself some foam board and start cutting…

What next for me then?

Well, there’s plenty more FPV to be flown. I want to experiment with some OpenLRS gear and I still have to find something to put an APM in and try some automated flights. I’m even thinking of moving 2 2200mah batteries out into the wings for even greater airtime.

Oh, and the family are talking about a trip to the mountains this winter…


I’ve been asked a bit both here and elsewhere about the winglets and ailerons on my wing. I’ve added the PDF patterns below so you can download and print them out if you want to give the mods a go.

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