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We have some new FPV gear sat in the Red20RC workshop but unfortunately nothing to put it into. Bring on the project to design and build an affordable FPV wing for some stable aerial filming…

Fat Shark AttitudeSDThe FPV Wing Project

I’ve wanted to get into FPV for a long time now and it wasn’t until recently that I decided to take the plunge and order a Fat Shark AttitudeSD setup from HobbyKing. I’m going to be matching it up with the awesome GoPro Hero 3 for vision and recording. Of course, this is a lot of cash to spend on one project so I wanted to make sure the airframe I used kept to the Red20RC mantra of “maximum fun for minimum expense”.

The project then is to design a purpose built FPV platform that is:

  • Built from our favourite Depron or Foam Board
  • Stable in flight yet able to handle some wind and a variety of speeds
  • Efficient so we get some longer flight times
  • Easy to repair or replace
  • A repeatable design

So you’ve already decided on a wing then?

In short – “yes”. A large amount of my inspiration for this project came from my recent FT Versa Wing build (article to come soon). I also saw this awesome footage of FPV wings in action that got me hooked on the idea…

I did a bit of research on the wings used in this video and the one that caught my eye was the RiteWing Zephyr II.

Wings appeal because they address a number of my requirements. They are stable and efficient, easy to build and can handle a fair amount of gear.

Initial FPV Wing Concept

After my success with the Versa Wing and the obvious advantage of some of the Flite Test build techniques I decided to base my design on the VW and inject some of the Zephyr concepts. I would extend the wing panels slightly to give a more efficient and stable cruiser. I would then add a central bay with recessed camera mount in the nose.

FPV Wing

Initial FPV Wing design concept

And that’s about it so far. I am planning on committing knife to foam over the next day or two so I imagine the build will progress quickly after that. Stay tuned for more project updates…

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