Red20RC Wing Pods are a fast way to turn your foam wing into a FPV dream machine.

CNC cut from tough G10 fiberglass, the plates slot together easily to form a protective cage for your FPV camera, HD camera and LiPo battery.

To install, simply cut a slot into the front of your wing to match the forward portion of the pod. Slot the pod into place and fix with glue. Pods have a number of slots and holes to facilitate mounting of cameras and straps.

Large Wing Pod (scratch n dent)

I currently have four Large Wing Pods that were cut and assembled to test the new run. I’m not happy with the glue I used to put them together and there are some marks and “clouding” on the surface of the G10.

As a result I’m putting them up at a reduced price for anyone who isn’t that bothered about aesthetics and just wants to get a pod quickly and cheaply. Select a shipping option from the dropdown menu

Large Wing Pod (inc shipping)

Large Wing FPV Pod

The Large Wing FPV Pod was designed to fit the Turnigy Tek Sumo flying wing although will suit any similar design with a root chord thickness of around 30mm.

The large front bay can carry your FPV camera and a GoPro size HD camera whilst there is enough room in the belly for just about any LiPo! (I’ve flown the Tek Sumo on a 5200mah 3S with no problems).

Large Wing Pod (inc shipping)

Small Wing FPV Pod

The original FPV pod was designed around the Turnigy Bonsai flying wing. It has also been tested with similar sized aircraft such as the mini Popwing.

There is enough room up front for a small FPV camera (standard miniquad type size) and a small HD camera (Hero Session, Foxeer Legend etc.)

Small Wing FPV Pod (inc shipping)

NanoWing FPV Pod

The NanoWing FPV Pod was created exclusively for my foam board NanoWing design. This tough little nose pod and motor mount make gear installation a breeze in your foam board wings.

There isn’t really room for a HD camera in this pod but the horizontal battery bay keeps your 1300 3-4S pack snug and safe whilst making balancing easy.

NanoWing FPV Pod (inc shipping)