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By popular demand I am happy to be able to finally release the FPV Wing plans. But before you leave a comment – I know there aren’t any wings on it!

Download and get printing

I’ve uploaded the plans in two formats: single sheet and A4 tiled so you shouldn’t have any problems printing them out and sticking them together. The important thing to notice is that these plans only contain the modified components that make up the FPV Wing V2 – more about that next…

Build an FT Versa Wing…

The FPV Wing V2 is really just a modified Versa Wing from Flite Test (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it). The first thing you want to do then is get yourself the plans for the Versa Wing and build the two wing panels. I’m not going to go into any more details than that  as the FT build video does it far better than I ever could.

Some things you do need to remember are:

  1. DO NOT join the wing halves!
  2. DO NOT make or fit the wingtip panels
  3. DO plan out your FPV gear if you are going to be putting things out in the wings
  4. DO modify the ailerons as shown on the Red20RC plans

Turn it into the FPV Wing…

You can find some additional build notes here…

Obviously the most important addition to the model is the snub-nose center section. This can be cut as a single piece and then folded up just like you did the wing panels. I found the easiest way to join the whole thing together was to actually join the bottom skin to the wing panels first, install all of the electronics, then fold and glue the top skin into place.

FPV Wing 2.0

Fitting the electronics before closing the lid.

Remember to reinforce the all joints with tape as this adds a lot of strength to the finished model!

I have never felt the need to add any kind of spar reinforcement to these wings as they really aren’t that heavy. If you are adding more weight or plan on doing very extreme flying then it might be worth thinking about a solid spar.

One thing I will add here is that you should make sure you add plenty of packing/reinforcement to the area between the GoPro slot and the battery bay as this is a week spot on the prototype and has been subject to a lot of abuse.

I have increased the width of the center section by 20mm on the published plans to make it stronger and allow for easier battery accommodation.

Cover in stickers and fly!

I suppose you should also balance the model first (it is a wing after all)! The CG markers on the Versa Wing are a good starting point and that’s what I have been working with so far. It did require a little extra weight in the nose (boo) but you could always try a bigger battery given the extra space now available.

Hand launching is a doddle using the wing tip throw method. Do get a friend to help on the maiden though as hand launching an out of trim wing can be a bit hairy!

My setup is a bit all over the place – I am currently using a 28mm outrunner at 2200kv with a tiny 7×6 prop. This works well on a 3 cell lipo but I am planning on changing to something like a Park 450 and 10 inch folding prop soon. Just like the Versa Wing, the FPV Wing can take a wide range of power options so most builders will have something laying around.

…and that’s about it! Over to you and have fun. If you do build one of these then let me know how you get on. Any questions, please feel free to ask them below.

FPV Wing 2.0

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