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Sadly there isn’t any video of the maiden flight but if you blinked you would have missed it anyway…

The wind was blowing a gale but the sun was shining so I thought I would nip out onto the reserve behind the house and throw the DLG to see what happened. I had setup a mix on the OrangeRX transmitter to give different amount of reflex in the elevons on the throttle stick. I dialed in about 1.5mm up and gave it a good shove into the wind. Surprisingly it did actually climb away briefly before losing all control authority and plummeting into the ground.

A couple more throws both with and without the reflex confirmed that this was one lame duck.

I did try a quick sling with the DLG peg and that gave me the impression that there is enough strength in the foam board to support this launch technique – I just need a glider that glides!

Next step?

I think the next step is to play around with wing designs and come up with something that flies. Maybe some modifications to the Versa Wing are in order…

DLG crash damage


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