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HobbyKing Wargo Yak 55

The third of my recent LOS builds is another profile 3D aerobat. I had fond memories of these planes from way back and the chance to build a larger “indestructible” 3D trainer was too good to pass up!

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HobbyKing Prime Jet Pro

I’ve been wanting to do some more traditional line-of-sight flying recently and the HobbyKing Prime Jet Pro looked like a fun little model to try…

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Project 3D Foam Aerobat – The Flight

Last time we got the Katana all finished up and ready for a maiden flight. The first attempt I formatted the memory card in the GoPro by mistake and lost the footage. The second attempt I managed to smudge the lens and the footage was unusable. With the wind blowing hard it was just peachy for a third attempt…

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Project 3D Foam Aerobat – the build

Last time I decided that the Terzi Katana would be my design of choice and quickly threw some lines together in CAD. Now it’s time to cut some foam and plug in the glue gun…

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Project 3D Foam Aerobat – the design

In my last post I waxed lyrical about the good old days of 3D profile foam models. I decided to see if I could build one to rekindle some of that line-of-sight fun. Well, there’s no time like the present…

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3D Profile Aerobatics – life before FPV

Before RC models were called “drones” and FPV was the only way to fly, we used to have fun with flat sheets of foam and a few servos. A recent series of events left me nostalgic for these “Shockflyer” models and a simpler time…

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FPV Wing Pods

I just don’t have time to cut these anymore so I’ve decided to make the designs available for download so you can make your own!

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Katana X KFm6 FPV Wing

It was a sad day when I crashed my first KFm6 FPV Wing into the sea, so it was never going to be long before I built another…

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Bonsai EPP Flying Wing FPV

Proximity wing flying is the next big thing. But if you want to get really tight you need something fast and tiny like the Bonsai EPP FPV flying wing…

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KFm6 FPV Wing V2

There’s nothing new about building a flying wing with a KFm airfoil and stuffing it full of FPV gear. I did however have some very specific reasons for doing so this time…

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What makes a good flying day?

A good flying day can quickly turn sour when things go wrong. With a little bit of planning you can always ensure you get the most fun from your hobby…

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MicroWing UAV – Part 4

The MicroWing UAV project has been sat on the shelf for quite a while now so it was high time I dusted off the wing and gave it another go. This article is both a recap and conclusion the the project.

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Crash-E Sports Trainer

About 8 years ago or so I designed a small electric sports model for low-cost gear and minimal build time. Now, I’ve brought it up-to-date with a FliteTest style reboot in our favorite foam board…

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MicroWing UAV – Part 3

In the last article I described how the MicroWing UAV was constructed. Finally the time has come to head off to the flying field with a lot of cameras…

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MicroWing UAV – Part 2

Last time we looked at why I chose to build a small UAV/RPAS from foam board. In this article I commit the design to foam, start building, throw it in the bin, and start building again…

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Remote Pilot UAS

FPV Wing Pods – Free Download

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