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DJI Mavic Pro – Setup for videography

I don’t often do commercial work using smaller drones like the DJI Mavic Pro, but when I do I like to make sure I get the best possible outcome for my clients. This article is my guide to the best settings for your Mavic Pro…

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MicroWing UAV – Part 4

The MicroWing UAV project has been sat on the shelf for quite a while now so it was high time I dusted off the wing and gave it another go. This article is both a recap and conclusion the the project.

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RPAS Camera

The RPAS Camera is an Android application that allows geotagged photos to be taken at set intervals by a smartphone mounted under any RPAS or UAV.

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MicroWing UAV – Part 3

In the last article I described how the MicroWing UAV was constructed. Finally the time has come to head off to the flying field with a lot of cameras…

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MicroWing UAV – Part 2

Last time we looked at why I chose to build a small UAV/RPAS from foam board. In this article I commit the design to foam, start building, throw it in the bin, and start building again…

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MicroWing UAV – Part 1

The MicroWing UAV is an epic and ongoing project to discover if it is possible to build a small, fully autonomous wing using a KFm wing section and foam board building techniques.

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HobbyKing Q450 Quadcopter Score 55%

HobbyKing Q450 Quadcopter

With the (hopefully) incoming new rules on RPAS classification, I was looking for a sub-2KG frame that could be used for aerial filming. The HobbyKing Q450 Quadcopter seemed to be the ideal solution…

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Versa Drone

I’ve been playing around with the idea of a foam board UAV for so long now that it was almost a relief when I finally settled on a design. But that was just the start of the challenges…

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UAV Design

After finally getting a chance to do some more test flying (and filming) of the foam board UAV, I sat down and thought about the difficulties in successful small UAV design.

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Foam Board UAV Plans

As I prepare for the first autonomous flights of the foam board UAV, I thought I should respond to the requests and release some plans for this model!

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Foam Board UAV – PROJECT

Could I use the same Flite Test techniques I’ve been using to turn out foam board parkflyers to create a stable, efficient foam board UAV?

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Remote Pilot UAS

FPV Wing Pods – Free Download

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