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DJI Mavic Pro – Setup for videography

I don’t often do commercial work using smaller drones like the DJI Mavic Pro, but when I do I like to make sure I get the best possible outcome for my clients. This article is my guide to the best settings for your Mavic Pro…

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Project “Get good at flying mini quads” – Part 3

Frame selection is a very personal subject. With so much choice out there at the moment almost every requirement is catered for. In this video I will try to explain why I fly the frames I do and some of the common features that make them perfect for racing and close proximity flying.

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Project “Get good at flying mini quads” – Part 2

This may well be the most important part of the entire project as it will determine everything that follows: Frame selection, power setup, flight controller settings, prop choices etc. Although it doesn’t require me to spend any time in front of the camera, this will still be a video heavy article. So sit back, relax and enjoy…

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Dimika Action Camera Score 20%

Dimika Action Camera

With a distinct lack of new Mobius cameras for sale at HobbyKing I bought a Dimika action camera from Made2Fly here in Australia. Was it worth the $60 I paid for it…

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What makes a good flying day?

A good flying day can quickly turn sour when things go wrong. With a little bit of planning you can always ensure you get the most fun from your hobby…

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To PDB or not to PDB? (that is the question)

There are two very good reasons why I don’t produce Power Distribution Boards for Red20RC multirotor frames – I don’t have the facilities to do it in house and I don’t think they are a good idea. Let me explain the second reason in more detail…

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Following “Drone Dad”

I’ve decided to write a follow up article to my recent “Surviving Dads with Drones” post in an effort to address some of the many comments that have been posted on the original…

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R450 Spider Quadcopter

It’s not often I do an article about a new frame in the store, but this one I am really proud of and I think you’ll like it. Introducing the R450 Spider Quadcopter…

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Surviving Dads with Drones

t was inevitable that a DJI Phantom would turn up in my local park. But do these “Dads with Drones” deserve our scorn or our help?

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FPV Safety

With the FAA breathing down the necks of our American cousins and CASA trying hard to twist 12 year-old legislation for the same purpose, I have been reminded lately that when we strap on our goggles we do have some responsibility to those around us…

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R220 Mini H Quadcopter

The R220 Mini H Quadcopter is Red20RC’s first commercial multirotor frame. Designed using Google Sketchup and cut on the workshop CNC cutter this has been a steep (and often painful) learning curve…

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440 FPV Quadcopter

I built a 440 FPV Quadcopter from plans that were sent to me by one of Red20RC’s Instagram subscribers. It’s a really nice little quad that would be an ideal introduction for anyone wanting to try out multirotors on a budget…

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SK450 Deadcat Quadcopter – Part 2 Score 65%

SK450 Deadcat Quadcopter – Part 2

The HobbyKing SK450 Deadcat Quadcopter is one of the most used search terms when visitors come to Red20RC so I thought it was high time I revisited this neat multirotor frame.

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HobbyKing Q450 Quadcopter Score 55%

HobbyKing Q450 Quadcopter

With the (hopefully) incoming new rules on RPAS classification, I was looking for a sub-2KG frame that could be used for aerial filming. The HobbyKing Q450 Quadcopter seemed to be the ideal solution…

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FPV250L Quadcopter | Rebooted Score 100%

FPV250L Quadcopter | Rebooted

Just over a week ago I recanted the tale of my FPV250L Quadcopter build. It didn’t have the best ending as the power from the tiny Multistar motors was marginal at best. Well now all of the upgrades have arrived – enter the FPV250L Quadcopter… rebooted!

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FPV250 Quadcopter

It was only a matter of time before I got hooked by the idea of a 250 size quadcopter. I love the look of the “long frame” style quads made popular by designers like Blackout and Lumenier, so when HobbyKing released the FPV250 quadcopter long frame version I couldn’t resist…

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Remote Pilot UAS

FPV Wing Pods – Free Download

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