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Score 90%

HobbyKing Wargo Yak 55

The third of my recent LOS builds is another profile 3D aerobat. I had fond memories of these planes from way back and the chance to build a larger “indestructible” 3D trainer was too good to pass up!

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Score 87%

HobbyKing Prime Jet Pro

I’ve been wanting to do some more traditional line-of-sight flying recently and the HobbyKing Prime Jet Pro looked like a fun little model to try…

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Dimika Action Camera Score 20%

Dimika Action Camera

With a distinct lack of new Mobius cameras for sale at HobbyKing I bought a Dimika action camera from Made2Fly here in Australia. Was it worth the $60 I paid for it…

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SK450 Deadcat Quadcopter – Part 2 Score 65%

SK450 Deadcat Quadcopter – Part 2

The HobbyKing SK450 Deadcat Quadcopter is one of the most used search terms when visitors come to Red20RC so I thought it was high time I revisited this neat multirotor frame.

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HobbyKing Q450 Quadcopter Score 55%

HobbyKing Q450 Quadcopter

With the (hopefully) incoming new rules on RPAS classification, I was looking for a sub-2KG frame that could be used for aerial filming. The HobbyKing Q450 Quadcopter seemed to be the ideal solution…

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FPV250L Quadcopter | Rebooted Score 100%

FPV250L Quadcopter | Rebooted

Just over a week ago I recanted the tale of my FPV250L Quadcopter build. It didn’t have the best ending as the power from the tiny Multistar motors was marginal at best. Well now all of the upgrades have arrived – enter the FPV250L Quadcopter… rebooted!

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FPV250 Quadcopter

It was only a matter of time before I got hooked by the idea of a 250 size quadcopter. I love the look of the “long frame” style quads made popular by designers like Blackout and Lumenier, so when HobbyKing released the FPV250 quadcopter long frame version I couldn’t resist…

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FT Flyer

With some time to spare I decided to go back to my very first Flite Test build. I wanted to see how the FT Flyer performed built from Australian foam board.

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Turnigy Talon Tricopter

I tend to get sucked in by the hype too easily so it was with little thought that I chose the Turnigy Talon Tricopter as my first Multirotor…

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FT Simple Soarer

With the FT Versa Wing unsuitable for flat field operations I was looking for another glider design – enter the FT Simple Soarer!

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FT Old Speedster – Build

Looking for a slow-flying, good looking model to teach your small child to fly on a budget? You could do a lot worse than the FT Old Speedster – the latest design by Josh Bixler from Flite Test.

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FT Bloody Wonder

We build and fly the FT Bloody Wonder using Australian foam board. We were quite surprised as the results!

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Remote Pilot UAS

FPV Wing Pods – Free Download

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