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Red20RC – September Update

September is already upon us and down here in the southern hemisphere we are getting ready for the summer and warmer weather. September is also Drone Racing month so keep watching for details about new frames that will get you, and your heart racing…

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The future of Red20RC

It seems like forever since I did an update article – probably because it has! The truth is, I’ve just been so busy with the commercial side of Red20RC and it’s all getting a bit out of hand…

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Red20RC | April 2015 Update

I haven’t done an update for a while because things have just been too hectic at Red20RC. Things are changing fast and it’s pretty much all for the better…

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Red20RC | February 2015 Update

I didn’t think I’d done a lot this month until I sat down to start writing, then I realised what a crazy month January was! Here then is a quick update on everything Red20RC…

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Red20RC | December 2014 Update

With all the excitement that has been going on around Red20RC lately I’d totally forgotten to do my monthly site update. Well, better late than never here it is…

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October 2014 | Update

With all the excitement that has been going on with the Red20RC Store I almost forgot to do the October update. Anyway, here goes with the roundup…

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Red20RC Online Store

The Red20RC Online Store is now live!

The Red20RC Online Store launched quietly overnight at With a focus on high quality frames and components I have launched the store with a single product – the R220 Mini H Quad.

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September 2014 | Update

August is the coldest and wettest month of the year and the past few weeks have been no exception. Flying days have been thin but that means a lot has happened in the workshop…

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August 2014 | Update

The trials of having 2 small children and trying to run a business have continued to get in the way this month! As a result it has been quiet on the flying field but still fairly busy in the workshop…

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FAA Ban on FPV

The FAA is seeking to pass legislation that will not only ban First Person View (FPV) flying in America but will effectively roadblock the development of the sport of aeromodelling and future commercial applications of remotely piloted aerial systems. How does the FAA ban on FPV affect us here in Australia?

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July 2014 | Update

The real world has got in the way this month but there have still been some exciting projects here at Red20RC and Remote Pilot. So what is in the pipeline for July?

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June 2014 | Update

We’ve been enjoying a remarkably pleasant Autumn in this part of the world this year. Here then is our June update on what is coming up on Red20RC…

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LiPo Safety

The introduction of Lithium Polymer batteries into the R/C hobby revolutionized the way we power our models. But with great power comes great responsibility…

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May 2014 | Update

Life has been a little busy recently and I missed the April update, to it’s high-time I let you all know what has been going on and what is coming up…

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March 2014 | Update

Another month has passed us by and it has been a mixed bag of modelling for Red20RC. Time for a quick update and to make some plans for the month ahead…

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Foam Board UAV Plans

As I prepare for the first autonomous flights of the foam board UAV, I thought I should respond to the requests and release some plans for this model!

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Red20RC | February 2014 – UPDATE

There’s just so much to do I’m starting to get behind on articles! I’ve decided to do a monthly update so you know at least what I am working on and what might turn up on the site in the coming month…

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Remote Pilot UAS

FPV Wing Pods – Free Download

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