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The trials of having 2 small children and trying to run a business have continued to get in the way this month! As a result it has been quiet on the flying field but still fairly busy in the workshop…

New Logo, New Look

In an effort to make the Red20RC videos look a little more professional I took the time to create an animated introduction and new logo. I can’t claim all the credit however as I did use an After Effects template to get the desired result. The response has been good and hopefully this little “glitch” intro will adorn many more videos in the coming months.

Red20RC Components – Online Store

The Red20RC CNC machine is finally up and running after some late nights fiddling with software and hardware to get it talking to the computer. We have started test runs on some small Flite Test inspired components but are looking to expand the range rapidly before making items available to the public. If you follow the Red20RC Instagram account you will have seen plenty of pictures including control horns, firewalls, motor mounts and even an FPV GoPro camera bay.

Followers of our Instagram account may be in for a treat soon as well as we may well be looking for beta testers for some components – free of charge!

Red20RC Components Red20RC Components Red20RC Components

By building the Red20RC Online Store we are actually also changing the concept of Remote Pilot.

Remote Pilot will have closer links to Red20RC in the future and the two will operate together as one entity. As Remote Pilot is actually a registered business in Australia, all store purchases and other services will be handled by that site. We will continue to offer other services as they come online but you won’t see any more articles and blog posts on RP, these will all happen right here on Red20RC where you can easily find them.

MicroWing UAV

After lots of fiddling and testing the MicroWing UAV has finally had its maiden flight. The KFm7 airfoil has made a huge difference to the performance of the small wing and I was really pleased with the first few flights, despite some lingering issues with the autopilot tuning.

I have since discovered that the DSM2 OrangeRx reciever that I was using in the MicroWing UAV has some flaws in its mixing software that prevents servos from reaching their maximum travel when in elevon wing mode. This in turn confuses the APM and gives you little or no control when in FBWA or AUTOTUNE mode. I have now swapped in a Taranis RX and am looking forward to the first fully autonomous flights of this tiny “disposable drone”.

There is already a lot of photos and video in the can so I’ll be starting work on some articles around the project soon.

MicroWing UAV

SK450 DeadCat Quad Rebooted

One of the most viewed videos on the Red20RC YouTube channel, and one of the most read articles on this site is the SK450 DeadCat Quadcopter.

To be honest, I hadn’t really flown it much in the past couple of months, so I decided to “reboot” the design and see if I could improve performance and get some good aerial video for the archives.

Everything was going swimmingly until I decided to have a very bad day at the office and planted it into most of the trees behind the house, including one 100ft high gum tree that tore the GoPro from its mounting – that was a tense 15 minutes before I found it again!

Anyway, the rebuild is now rebuilt and I will be looking to write another article on this underrated frame very soon.

Until next month…

That’s your lot!

If you don’t already follow Red20RC on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram then I urge you to do so as there is content going on one or the other daily.

Keep watching this site for news on the Red20RC Online Store as well as some exciting footage from the MicroWing UAV test flights.


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