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About Red20RC

Red20RC was created as a way for me to find my way back into a hobby that I had pursued since childhood, but had lost touch with once I had children of my own.

Hi, I’m Mike and I’m an RC aviation addict…

Lilly, Mike and GeorgeOriginally from the UK, I have been living in Australia since 2007. I first decided I wanted to fly when I was 5 years old and started trying to build model aircraft shortly afterwards. I am a published designer, experienced instructor and licenced UAV pilot. When I’m not writing content for this site and building models I work as a freelance UAV operator.

What is this site all about?


Originally Red20RC was going to be all about those cheap, scratch built parkflyer type models that have become so popular through the truly awesome Flite Test community. Flite Test was what brought me back to the hobby and you will find a lot of the articles on this site are co-published over there. I have nothing but respect for those guys, the positive attitude they bring to the hobby should be an inspiration to us all.

Multirotors, FPV, UAVs and “Drones”

56212Things quickly changed though as it turned out I had chosen to get back into the hobby just as it was going through something of a paradigm shift, driven by a sudden increase in the level of technology available. Multirotors and First Person View (FPV) flying were rapidly gaining popularity and online suppliers such as HobbyKing were making this new technology available at a very affordable price.

I found myself drawn to these new and exciting innovations in RC flight and my stock of modelling equipment was rapidly expanded with FPV goggles, cameras, flight controllers and a whole host of frames, motors and thin plastic propellors.

Red20RC evolves…

Red20RC didn’t just evolve, it is continually evolving. There is now a YouTube channel, Twitter account and very successful Instagram feed. Originally there was no fixed plan for Red20RC but then I found new direction with the Red20RC online store. I invested in a CNC cutting machine and 3D Printer and had materials and hardware piling up in the workshop. I began frantically designing frames and components as well as cutting designs from other pilots around the world.

The Red20RC store closed its doors in mid 2016 due to personal and financial reasons but I continue to produce custom built frames, wings and wholesale items in my spare time.

Remote Pilot Professional Services


It’s not just about the component and multirotor frames either. I’ve got a massive amount of experience and history in the world of miniature aviation and I want to be able to put that knowledge out there to help others achieve their goals.

Remote Pilot was created to be the “professional” arm of Red20RC. Through Remote Pilot I aim to deliver a number of niche services to the UAV/RPAS industry – particularly in the sub-2KG class of aircraft. I am planning to offer three main services:

  1. Consultation services on UAV/RPAS development and deployment including safe use and operational procedures.
  2. UAV/RPAS manufacture and preparation. Custom builds and tuning for commerical applications.
  3. CNC design and cutting services. Turning your ideas into reality.

The best way to find out more about Remote Pilot is to ask! Drop me a line using one of the many different methods out there and I’ll be happy to talk (almost endlessly) about anything to do with miniature aviation.

How can you get involved?

LMMAC FieldEven though Red20RC is just one guy and a computer (plus a very untidy workshop), I am keen for it to be a community that is open to all. I am a member of a MAAA registered flying club (LMMAC – find us here), and there are a couple of guys there who provide me with ideas and inspiration for Red20RC

Special mention to Andrew here who can sometimes be seen flying with me in the videos and often provides an addional set of eyes when I’m testing a new airframe.

There are a number of things you can do to support the evolution of Red20RC:

  • Visit the site, read the articles and leave comments – I wouldn’t be doing this if nobody was listening but the analytics says you are so I’ll keep going.
  • Subscribe to the feeds, like, rate, comment, share – Social media fuels the organic growth of Red20RC. Keep it up!
  • Submit an article – I’m always interested in hearing from like-minded flyers who want to share their ideas or designs. Contact me for more details.
Thank you to everyone who has supported Red20RC so far! Without those people who read the articles, like the photos and comment on the videos there wouldn’t be a site at all. Look forward to bigger and better things in the future!

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